Thank you…

…to everyone who came to any or all of the four events, for your interest, openness, and questions. As we disperse at the end of the series, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, and found it food for thought and a real encouragement.

The videos of weeks one and two are already available, and weeks three and four will be available soon, and will be provided as an ongoing resource for interested individuals and discussion groups.

Thank you to all our speakers, panel chairs and panellists for their wisdom and insight; to everyone at the Cathedral and the University for their work behind the scenes and the coffee urns in making the evenings happen, including Laurence, Cressida and Chantal; to Tristan and his team behind the cameras; to Clare behind the website; to the local group of Christians in Science which co-sponsored the panel discussion on 30 March; and to the Scientists in Congregations project, funded by the Templeton Foundation, which provided the grant enabling On Common Ground.

We are very grateful to you all.

Venue change, 16 March

The panel event on 16 March was to have been held in the Newman Red Lecture Theatre at Exeter University. However, because we managed to sell this venue out, we are very happy to announce that the event has been moved to the Newman Green Lecture Theatre, a larger venue in the same building. We’re very much looking forward to seeing you there on Thursday.

Press release to launch On Common Ground

EXETER will host a series of talks and debates on science and faith next month, thanks to a grant from the Scientists in Congregations scheme.


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Launch of Scientists in Congregations 2017

On 3 February, John attended a meeting at Lambeth Palace of all the 2017 projects funded by Scientists in Congregations. It was a very useful day, and everyone seemed quite impressed with On Common Ground. We are now looking forward even more to March.

Here is a copy of the Certificate that we received at Lambeth, and some photographs of the day. Please click on a thumbnail to open a larger image.

Image credits

Available on Pixabay under the Creative Commons CC0 Public Domain licence.

Genesis 1:1-5, New Revised Standard Version
Image Credit: Clare Bryden

Awe, Wonder and Beauty in Science: a route to God – or not?Messier 5 (M5) globular star cluster, taken by Hubble Space Telescope
Image Credit: NASA, Hubble Space Telescope, ESA
Available on the NASA website

Atoms in platinum crystal at magnification of 750,000, Community of St Mary the Virgin, Wantage
Image Credit: Clare Fleming

Blackboard used by Albert Einstein in a 1931 lecture in Oxford, now on permanent display in the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford.
Image Credit: decltype
Available on Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported licence.