Dr Cherryl Hunt

Cherryl HuntCherryl Hunt has a University of Exeter PhD in cell/molecular biology and worked as a researcher and tutor in Biosciences for several years.

She then mutated (her word) into a theologian with an MA in Theology, focused on biblical studies, followed by three years research on the ‘Uses of the Bible in Environmental Ethics’. She has recently been awarded her PhD in Theology for research on strategies by which ‘ordinary’ Christians (those with little or no academic theological education) might be enabled to engage with the ancient texts comprising the Bible.

She is now a Research Fellow in Theology as well as being Academic Administrator of the South West Ministry Training Course (in which she also teaches). Cherryl is especially interested in topics in which ethics, theology and the biosciences interact, such as environmental care, the status of the early embryo and stem cell research.

On Common Ground

Cherryl Hunt is chairing the panel¬†“My Science, My Faith” on 30 March.

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