Dr Christopher Southgate

Christopher SouthgateChris Southgate trained originally as a research biochemist. He has taught for the Department of Theology at Exeter University on the science-religion debate (and related areas such as environmental ethics) since 1993. His research interests include the problem of suffering in evolution, the concept of glory in the natural world and in religious poetry, and the origin of life.

Chris’s book ‘The Groaning of Creation: God, Evolution and the Problem of Evil’ was released by Westminster John Knox Press in 2008. He is also the editor of ‘God, Humanity and the Cosmos’ (2nd edn, Continuum, 2005, 3rd edition 2011), a standard text in the science-religion field.

Chris’s other work is as Principal of the South West Ministry Training Course. He is the author of seven collections of poetry, the most recent being ‘Chasing the Raven’ (Shoestring, 2016).

On Common Ground

Christopher is participating in the panel¬†“My Science, My Faith” on 30 March.

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